6 Mart 2016

Las Otras

Hej all!

I just discovered Las Otras from Barcelona, Spain.

Check them out!

Bandcamp: https://lasotras.bandcamp.com/


Helvetes för bannade jävlaskit

Fy Fan! is a hardcore punk band from Malmö, Sweden. I guess they are not active any more.
More info:

30 Ocak 2016



I guess this band will take your attention.

For more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DOROTHY_(band)

16 Ocak 2016

Cikuta - The Golden Root Era

2010 - Cikuta - The Golden Root Era

01 - Cikuta - Intro
02 - Cikuta - Scylla
03 - Cikuta - Charybdis
04 - Cikuta - Songs of Sirens
05 - Cikuta - The Golden Root Era
06 - Cikuta - Untitled
07 - Cikuta - Lupus Est

Download: 2010_-_Cikuta_-_The_Golden_Root_Era.rar

My dearest friend from Russia, suggested me Cikuta years ago. I want to share them with you.
They have well noised, sludge sound. I hope you like them.

Band: cikutamsk.blogspot.com
Discog: http://www.discogs.com/artist/2377613-Cikuta
To Buy: http://cavityrecords.bigcartel.com/product/cikuta-the-golden-root-era-cd

9 Ocak 2016

Kylesa - Exhausting Fire and other things

Hey Folks!

I guess I am really really away from blogging and Distro and other things. 2016 will be a change (I hope).

Let's enjoy with Kylesa!


Edit: Video/Music was banned by Youtube, because of copyright. 

1 Ocak 2011

Radio News: 01.01.2011

Hej Folks!

I was really away from Blog, but Radio is continueing. I want to say "Happy Hardcore Year" to you =) I will be away from 1 to 4 January. I am going to Hatay (Antakya) with my friends for shooting photograph in the city. It will be great. I am packing my stuff right now. My flight is in a couple hours...

Another news from me is I began to mountaineering with University's Mountaineering club, İTÜDAK. Now I am a trainee, but at summer I can do my own activy with other friends. I was at Uludağ for winter camping training/walking traing last weekend. I hope I can participate winter technic training.

Anyway... Now I am back to pack my stuff... Take care!

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18 Temmuz 2010

Radyo News - 18.07.2010


I am back from trip. It was really great. Everybody should do it for own country or other countries. People learn a lot of thing with that. First of all learn the "nature love" and "people love".

Take care

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