15 Ağustos 2009

Radio News - 15.08.2009

Hej Folks!

I am really to happy you are still listening me and keep this music alive! But as like everyone, I need some rest and want to see my lovely girl end of this hottest summer, which I taste. I will go to Sweden and try to spent a "cool" summer.

I want to tell my little trip : I will land to Arlanda Airport at 17.08 and fly back to Turkey at 10.09. I will stay for 25 days and will stay in Lund. I hope and want to meet some people, who intrested in nice people with nice music taste, anarchists, photographers and skateboarders.

Please if you are reading this please get in touch with me, maybe we can meet somehow... My electronic inbox is attacktosocietydistro (A) yahoo.com :D .

I hope I can continue my radio show 14.09.2009. Till then I try to keep in touch with you with blog. Any wishes from Sweden will be accepted like chocolate... (A weird turkish tradition : who visit abroad bring chocolate to his friends. In '60-'70, when chocolate wasn't here or to luxury to buy, Turkish workers from Germany brought chocolate to their family and relatives and so tradion was began...)

P.S. : I want to also say. This is a radio show and photography blog. I don't want to go aginst some copyright issues. I just want to share some more music with my listeners... I decided to write this PS note after my Rise Against download banned by Blogspot and Rapidshare... Sorry for these issues. As owner of a DIY Distro I know, how to pressing a release also album recording procedures...

P.S. 2 : Second issue is with Rapidshare. As I noticed, I can only upload 15 different files in it. All of the archive lost before programm 16. You will can download before it as soon as possible. I took a 4Shared account and uploaded first 6 programm. I hope you gonna enjoy with them.

Take care and happy summer holidays to me...

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