28 Mart 2009

Concert and Radio News 28.03.2009

Hey over there... So sorry about not updating. I am a kind of busy, like always, again. As you know, if you are following flyers from the website 2 great concert passed with The Plague Mass and Grave Maker. But Grave Maker didn't came to Turkey and they stucked in Bulgaria. Sorry about them missing such a nice concert. Now I am publishing 9. week radio program with you. Hope you like it... I will upload pictures soon and sorry for lating...

09 - 23.03.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

5 Mart 2009

As For Our Own Words! Photography

First I want to introduce this blog for English readers; As For Our Own Words! started as an Internet Radio show at Sokak Edebiyatı and after I decided to make it also hardcore punk shows photography portfolio. This idea came from Face The Show and AllXAges. I am also running distro called Attack To Society DIY Distro and Label, check it! Finally today I opened portfolio website of As For Our Own Word! under my distro website. I want to thank you to my dearest copyleft hosting guy Furkan, best mate ever Atican, website idea for "kankacan" Eser. Without them I couldn't open that website.

As you can notice I upload all radio show to Rapidshare. Download and listen them!

Check As For Our Own Words! Photography from http://attacktosociety.atican.net/asforourownwords/