30 Ocak 2010

Radio News - 30.01.2010


I feel that you miss me since 2 week in radio... At 18.01 I cancel my show due to my matematics final exam at university at tuesday... I passed it and it was another story :D... And after my exams were finished I went Gaziantep with İTÜFK to make photosafari.

We started our journey at 23.50 - 23.01 with train to Adana first and we were at Adana at 20.40 - 24.01. Almost 21 hours with lovely train and with lovely people... Then we headed a bus from coach station to Gaziantep for 2.30 hours. We were at Gaziantep University dormitories at 00.30 - 25.01. We stayed at Gaziantep until 29.01. We generally made trip in Şahinbey. I left Gaziantep at 10.00 - 29.01 with bus to Adana again. My cheap flight to İstanbul at 21.15 and I was made little trip in Adana, Seyhan. Then met with my friend at airport and we returned... It was nice and hard photosafari. Nice because of people, city, traditional meal, all the emotions. Hard because of cold, money and travel issues... I hope one day I visit there again...

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