5 Haziran 2010

Turkey Trip

Hej Folk,

Long time past, since I made a holiday. This time I will make a different trip with my lovely EOS 40D and Minolta X-300... I will made a large Turkey trip in 33 days at Northern, Western, Southern, Eastern parts of Turkey. I will camp and travel with bus and visit a lot of industrial, historical and archaeological sides. I will make this trip with more than 30 bachelor Metallurgical and Material Engineer Students and my great Mentor Prof.. I hope I can handle this trip. Maybe I can time to write with 3G or other resource... My pack isn't ready yet. I am in LAB now and helping my Prof. for my firend's setup...

Due to I will be somewhere 6 June-6 July, there is no Radio. I hope you are enjoying with my programm. Download them and listen more...

Take care and Keep in touch!