2 Kasım 2009

Radio News - 02.10.2009

Hej Folks!

Sorry for late update after 2 weeks... I was busy with uni and now I became sick. Doctor said "cold, angina and some bacteria infection"... Last and final step can be swine flu... I have flu anyway, I will pay nice money who stop my nose...

Analena concert was great. It was worth it. Really I am really proud to see them. Thanks to them also LIB and BHL. They have great performances too...

All the electronical devices began to break down. First it started with mic months ago; now iPod battery finnished; cell phone can't send sms; win xp makes me sick most of time; you can't hear me from my home phone, but I can hear you clearly...

Anyway lets enjoy with music:

35 - 19.10.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx
Canceled due to Analena, Lost In Bazaar, Burn Her Letters Concert..

36 - 26.10.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx
Sorry for record... I forgot to record from beginning. The record began from half of show...

37 - 02.11.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

38 - 09.11.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

39 - 16.11.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

40 - 23.11.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

41 - 30.11.2009 - As For Our Own Words - xSatanJagerx

42 - 21.12.2009 - As For Our Own Words - xSatanJagerx

43 - 28.12.2009 - As For Our Own Words - xSatanJagerx
No playlist... Sorry...

22 Eylül 2009

Radio News - 22.09.2009

Hej Folks!

I came back from my Sweden Trip. It was nice. Internet was 10 Megabit.. Hell yeah... Nice hardcore punk scene, nice girls :P. So perfect country only weather is sucks... Anyway... I came back more then 2 weeks ago and last week and this week I made radio show as normal after my big holiday. If you missed it download it from bellow.

For any question message me or email me. Take care!

30 - 14.09.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

31 - 21.09.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

32 - 28.09.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

33 - 05.10.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

34 - 12.10.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

15 Ağustos 2009

Radio News - 15.08.2009

Hej Folks!

I am really to happy you are still listening me and keep this music alive! But as like everyone, I need some rest and want to see my lovely girl end of this hottest summer, which I taste. I will go to Sweden and try to spent a "cool" summer.

I want to tell my little trip : I will land to Arlanda Airport at 17.08 and fly back to Turkey at 10.09. I will stay for 25 days and will stay in Lund. I hope and want to meet some people, who intrested in nice people with nice music taste, anarchists, photographers and skateboarders.

Please if you are reading this please get in touch with me, maybe we can meet somehow... My electronic inbox is attacktosocietydistro (A) yahoo.com :D .

I hope I can continue my radio show 14.09.2009. Till then I try to keep in touch with you with blog. Any wishes from Sweden will be accepted like chocolate... (A weird turkish tradition : who visit abroad bring chocolate to his friends. In '60-'70, when chocolate wasn't here or to luxury to buy, Turkish workers from Germany brought chocolate to their family and relatives and so tradion was began...)

P.S. : I want to also say. This is a radio show and photography blog. I don't want to go aginst some copyright issues. I just want to share some more music with my listeners... I decided to write this PS note after my Rise Against download banned by Blogspot and Rapidshare... Sorry for these issues. As owner of a DIY Distro I know, how to pressing a release also album recording procedures...

P.S. 2 : Second issue is with Rapidshare. As I noticed, I can only upload 15 different files in it. All of the archive lost before programm 16. You will can download before it as soon as possible. I took a 4Shared account and uploaded first 6 programm. I hope you gonna enjoy with them.

Take care and happy summer holidays to me...

29 - 10.08.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

30 Haziran 2009

Radio News 30.06.2009

Hey Folks!

Thanks for listening me since january. Shows are great and genarally I have mic problems :P. Finally I bought brand new one. As I discovered records of some shows (Broadcast 20, 21,22) are broken. Stupid recorder program record them wrong speed... Anyway I fixed the problemm. You can listen new weeks without trouble I hope...

23 - 29.06.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

24 - 06.07.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

25 - 13.07.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

26 - 20.07.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

27 - 27.07.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

28 - 03.08.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

30 Mayıs 2009

Radio News 30.05.2009

Hey Folks!

Sorry about non-broadcast weeks... I have some personal issues and they are generally about study... Before me lovely Bayan Arıza plays always as Güneşe Uzan or Grunge is not dead... Listen and also download her radio shows... You can reach her website from Arızalılar Kulubu. Take care and keep listening...

17 - 18.05.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

18 - 25.05.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx
No broadcasting due to personal issues. Some tracks were played by Bayan Arıza in her Grunge is not dead programm. You can download that broadcast from;

19 - 01.06.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

20 - 08.06.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

21 - 15.06.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

12 Mayıs 2009

Yacøpsæ - Your Kingdom Is Doomed - Split 7''

2006 - Yacøpsæ - Your Kingdom Is Doomed - Split 7''

01 - Yacopsae - Giftgas
02 - Yacopsae - Dinge
03 - Yacopsae - Schutzfunktion
04 - Yacopsae - Armenien
05 - Yacopsae - Farblos
06 - Your Kingdom Is Doomed - Dezenfekte
07 - Your Kingdom Is Doomed - Derdin Ne Senin

Download : 2006 - Yacøpsæ - Your Kingdom Is Doomed - Split 7''.rar

I adore both bands... Yacopsae from Germoney and Your Kingdom Is Doomed is from Turkey. YKID broken up several years ago but they left a nice 7" with German Power violence king, great cd split with Arcatera, swe crust attack, and some demo tapes. You should download and listen this!


3 Nisan 2009

Radio News 03.04.2009

Hey hey hey! Sorry for 30.03.2009 radio show. Accually there was no radio show, 'cause I had some computer issues. I am still installing millions of programms to my new computer. I hope I can finish it until next monday.
Accually I bought a new computer and fucking moron people didn't format my new main HDD and I did it for myself. It took a lot of time cause it is 320 GB :). Don't worry my Backup HDD (my MP3s) is in my new "girl friend". But she is a kind of bitchy cause yesterday made me sick about installing HP printer programm. Still I couldn't do it. I hope I will soon.
As I checked from Rapidshare, noone downloaded files. I am thinking there is a problem or nobody need them. :)
With my new computer (Quad core!!!!) I can handle with photographs soon.

Take care until next show and don't forget to check my website!

10 - 30.03.2009 - As For Our Own Words - xSatanJagerx
No Broadcast due to computer issues.

11 - 06.04.2009 - As For Our Own Words - xSatanJagerx

12 - 13.04.2009 - As For Our Own Words - xSatanJagerx

13 - 20.04.2009 - As For Our Own Words - xSatanJagerx

14 - 27.04.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx
No Broadcast due to server issues.

15 - 04.05.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx
No Broadcast due to personal issues.

16 - 11.05.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

28 Mart 2009

Concert and Radio News 28.03.2009

Hey over there... So sorry about not updating. I am a kind of busy, like always, again. As you know, if you are following flyers from the website 2 great concert passed with The Plague Mass and Grave Maker. But Grave Maker didn't came to Turkey and they stucked in Bulgaria. Sorry about them missing such a nice concert. Now I am publishing 9. week radio program with you. Hope you like it... I will upload pictures soon and sorry for lating...

09 - 23.03.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

5 Mart 2009

As For Our Own Words! Photography

First I want to introduce this blog for English readers; As For Our Own Words! started as an Internet Radio show at Sokak Edebiyatı and after I decided to make it also hardcore punk shows photography portfolio. This idea came from Face The Show and AllXAges. I am also running distro called Attack To Society DIY Distro and Label, check it! Finally today I opened portfolio website of As For Our Own Word! under my distro website. I want to thank you to my dearest copyleft hosting guy Furkan, best mate ever Atican, website idea for "kankacan" Eser. Without them I couldn't open that website.

As you can notice I upload all radio show to Rapidshare. Download and listen them!

Check As For Our Own Words! Photography from http://attacktosociety.atican.net/asforourownwords/

24 Şubat 2009

Beginning of As For Our Own Words!

Aklımda ne zamandır vardı bir blog açmak kısmi özentilik, kısmi gereklilik, kısmi yararlılık olarak. Beni tanıyalım biraz sonra günün konusuna cumburlop atlayalım.

Ben SatanJager. xSatanJagerx olması StraightXEdge olmamdan kaynaklanıyor. Genelde bu formatta kullanmam ama camiya yönelik bir olay olduğu için belirtmekte yarar gördüm diyelim. As For Our Own Words! blogunun çıkış noktası Sokak Edebiyatı'nın radyosunda aynı isimle her Çarşamba akşamı saat 22.00-24.00 arası Hardcore punk, crust, scremo ve türevlerini çalmam ile başladı. Sonra zaten hayatımın içinde olan Attack To Society DIY Distro and Label ve fotoğraf çekme hobisinin yarattığı hardcore konserlerinin fotoğraflarını çekme tutkum ile As For Own Words! fikri iyice şekillendi ve bir anda DIY Distro/Radyo/Fotoğraf/Müzik/Skateboard blogu olarak patlak verdi. Umarım bu fikirlerle yaşadığımı kabul eder siz de bu fikirlere birşeyler katarsınız.

Bu blogta radyoyu nasıl bulabiliriz diye bir soru çıkabilir. Size özel her programı aksaklıkları uzunluğu anonsu ile kaydediyorum. Umarım Beğenirsiniz. Sonraki yazıda görüşmek üzere...

01 - 01.02.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx
Test Broadcasting no record...

02 - 04.02.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

03 - 11.02.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

04 - 18.02.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

05 - 25.02.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

06 - 02.03.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

07 - 09.03.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx

08 - 16.03.2009 - As For Our Own Words! - xSatanJagerx